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Welcome to Rathe was the set that put Flesh & Blood on the map and a little over 2 years later, it is now time to say goodbye to this beloved set. Fear not for your cards, as they aren’t going anywhere, since they are legal for use despite the set going out of print. Just expect some price spikes and/or reprints in the near future.

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Christmas is nearly here and this year we are giving you a gift like none before it! 

We’re hosting a crazy special chaos sealed event like you’ve never seen before, and at a cost that you’ve also never seen before! (The Gatekeeper has been rendered powerless in this decision, and his inner Arturito has been thoroughly suppressed)

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On the 4th of December, the store is hosting another Board Game open day to kick off the Holiday Season! Come by to play some amazing games, whether you are an experienced player or not. You can bring your own, play from one of the store’s collections, or participate in games others bring. Plus, a special Arkham Horror LCG event!

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Time to take a closer look at the mechanics, keywords and other unique aspects to Inistrad: Crimson Vow, so you can be as ready as possible to assess each card during pre-release and draft.

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The Gatekeeper fallen, but not defeated, urges for mercy as you too have come to stake your claim as the champion of these lands. You scoff at his puny remarks, and set your choice of weapon upon the playmat-clad tabletop. You will emerge victorious; You will defeat all those who oppose you; You will become the next Magic the Gathering National Champion!

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