About Us

Welcome to Isengard, probably the oldest existing store of its kind in Cyprus. We have been the proud purveyors of all things weird and wonderful since August of 2008 and are extremely happy to make your acquaintance! Need to find that latest RPG source book?  Have a war game itch to scratch? Or perhaps you just have to lay your hands on that card that will make your deck complete? If so then your are in the right place....and if not you can always come in anyway and we will make a hobbyist of you before you can say "I am Mervin the happy goblin!". Unless of course you are Mervin in which case where have you been and why did you leave all those mushroom ale cans lying around!

We carry a very extensive range of hobby games and accessories which you can either browse from the cozy safety of your own home via our website or you can make your way down to our store where you can make use of our in-store gaming facilities and our very knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to steer you in the right direction. Anyway feel free to browse at your leisure; I'm sure we have something for you; oh and before you ask.....yes the Hobbits are here too.