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Yarrick: The Omnibus (Paperback)

Yarrick: The Omnibus (Paperback)

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An Astra Militarum Collection

Before he was a legend, Commissar Yarrick was already a hero, as you'll discover in this omnibus of two novels, a novella, and six short stories set across his life and career.


This gripping collection contains all of author David Annandale's stories about the famed commissar, and includes two novels – Imperial Creed and The Pyres of Armageddon – along with the novella Chains of Golgotha and six short stories, each revealing the bloody battles that helped shape a legend.


Time after time, Commissar Sebastian Yarrick has fearlessly led Imperial forces to victory beneath the black banners of vengeance, even when defeat seemed inevitable. From his early campaigns as a newly blooded officer from the Schola Progenium ranks, to the brutal battles of the Second and Third Wars for Armageddon, one thing has never changed: Yarrick will not fail.

This omnibus contains:

Imperial Creed (Novel)
The Pyres of Armageddon (Novel)
Chains of Golgotha (Novella)
A Plague of Saints (Short story)
The Wreckage (Short story)
Evil Eye (Short story)
The Gallows Saint (Short story)
Sacrificial (Short story)
Sarcophagus (Short story)

Written by David Annandale.
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