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Nickey's Hatchery

The Skeletons of Mor'ug (Three Pack) | 32mm | DnD | RPG

The Skeletons of Mor'ug (Three Pack) | 32mm | DnD | RPG

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Produced in High-quality Resin, Packaged and Shipped by Shop3D. Shipped from closest region.
Design by Nickey Dimchev (follow my work on IG @nickeys.hatchery)

These skeletons are 32mm to eye-level with the tallest being 50mm to top of the sword. If you need a bigger size, feel free to message me and I'll make it available.
Includes a base as shown in the picture.

Aleena is a sorcerer's apprentice, dutifully studying to become a magician herself. When she's not attending to her studies, she works at the local "Happy Granny" Tavern as seen in this miniature.
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