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The Last Volari (Paperback)

The Last Volari (Paperback)

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A Soulblight Gravelords Novel

A doomed vampire faces down the nature of her curse, and the righteous fury of the faithful of Sigmar.


It’s a fascinating look into the twisted nobility of the Soulblight vampires, and the curse they carry in their blood.


Nyssa Volari is dying. That should be impossible – she is a Soulblight vampire, blessed by Nagash with blood-fuelled immortality. More than that, Nyssa is a fighter – one of the few Kastelai vampires not dissolved into true death when the Crimson Keep abandoned them a century ago. With her blades and her will, she carved a kingdom out of the Broken Plains of Aqshy.

These things matter little, for Nyssa's blood is cursed. It destroyed the vampire she called father, and as it threatens to do the same to her, Nyssa's allies abandon her one by one. Worse still, an army of zealots led by a brutal priest of Sigmar comes to destroy the vampire lord and claim her birthright.

Written by Gary Kloster.
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