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The Hollow King (Special Edition)

The Hollow King (Special Edition)

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A Cado Ezechiar Novel

In his first full-length novel, the vampiric anti-hero Cado Ezechiar finds himself caught in a web of war and deceit in the city of Aventhis.


The cold-hearted Cado Ezechiar is obsessed with revenge and keeping to his strict moral code – can he stay true to himself and avenge those he has lost? Now, his debut novel is re-released in a stunning special edition.


Cado Ezechiar is a wanderer who has outlived the memory of the age that made him. A Soulblight vampire who accepted the curse as his people and kingdom fell to Chaos, he now roams the Realm of Death and beyond, seeking retribution and salvation for the ones he failed.

Aided by the bound spirits of those he lost, Cado follows a path of revenge, hunting the servants of Chaos to slake his need for blood while seeking the Sorcerer of Change who destroyed his kingdom. When his hunt leads him to the free city of Aventhis, Cado becomes caught up in the machinations of greater powers – beings who see the city and its people as dust in the eyes of ambitious gods. Torn between his code of honour and his desire for vengeance, Cado must navigate a web of war and deceit, or lose everything.

Written by John French.


This beautiful special edition features a soft touch cover with a weathered effect. The top and bottom page edges are a striking dark green, and the long edges have a bat design carried over from the cover. Inside, you’ll find an emerald-coloured ribbon bookmark, full-colour artwork, and an author afterword. Each copy is numbered from 1 to 1,500 and signed by the author.

This edition also includes the following Cado Ezechiar short stories, all written by John French:

- Soul Prey
- Beasts
- Tower of Empty Mirrors
- Blood Bond

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