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Space Marine Stormhawk Interceptor

Space Marine Stormhawk Interceptor

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This multi-part plastic kit allows you to build a Adeptus Astartes Stormhawk Interceptor fighter for your Space Marines forces in games of Warhammer 40,000.

Please Note: Miniatures supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

As the battle for the skies rages with a new dog fighting sub-phase being introduced to games of Warhammer 40,000, the Adeptus Astartes unleash their aerial assault wings to combat anything the vile heretics or Xenos forces can bring to battle. Space Marines have brought in their dedicated air to air combat flyer the Stormhawk Interceptor to clear the skies, as it swoops out of the clouds from high orbit and rains down a torrent of murderous fury no enemy aircraft can escape from.

It is a hunter-killer craft that is as subtle as an Ork bellowing Waaagh, it has a heavily armoured canopy to withstand the extremes of re-entry and is packed with an array of forward facing weaponry designed specifically to shred aircraft out of the air. Whilst the Stormhawk shares many aspects in appearance to the Stormtalon, it comes with unique additional components that changes the flyer from a multi-role flyer/skimmer craft to a fixed wing attack fighter. With weapon options such as the Icarus storm cannon, the las-talon, 2 assault cannons, heavy bolters, typhoon missile launchers or skyhammer missile launchers it will make quick work of any target and with an infernum halo-launcher to send out streams of chaff-flares to evade in coming enemy missiles it can dodge several attacks to keep on fighting.

A new age of airborne onslaught has begun!

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