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Harlequin Starweaver

Harlequin Starweaver

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Little more than a mass of radiant shapes the Starweavers streak across the battlefield to deliver a Harlequin Troupe into the heart of the battle. Protected by their holo-fields, mirage launchers and by the breakneck speeds that their highly skilled pilots fly the Starweavers are a hard target to hit. They can also pack a punch with two independently fired Shuriken Cannons.

The Voidweaver sacrifices its transport ability for more firepower and can carry some interesting weapons such as the Prismatic cannon with its three modes of fire. A unit of three Voidweavers can lay down an impressive amount of fire with their two shuriken cannon and additional heavy weapon.

This plastic kit can make either a Starweaver or Voidweaver and is supplied unpainted. Assembly is also required.

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