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Space Wolves Primaris Upgrades

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The Sons of Russ are a proud brotherhood of fierce and noble warriors. Seen as savages, the Space Wolves prowl the battlefield for their enemies, hungry to earn glory in battle and earn their place in the sagas of their people. If you send anyone to kill a Space Marine, you send a Space Wolf.

Space Marines are genetically modified superhuman soldiers, the elite warriors of the Imperium of Man. Angels of death, capable of ridding the galaxy of all forces that do not conform to their own rule through brutal, ruthless warfare. Waging war through a variety of forms, from the full weight of a chapter of 1000 marines that can destroy an entire species to a small battle force of a few squads that can topple planetary governments and crush chaotic insurrections, either are lethal formations to any foe.

This multi-part plastic upgrade kit will allow you to upgrade 5 Intercessors and 3 Aggressors with iconography and details specific to the Space Wolves Chapter, there are 21 total components.


  • 5x Intercessors upgrade kits
  • 3x Aggressors upgrade kits