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Harlequin Skyweavers

Harlequin Skyweavers

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For the most daring of Harlequins who need to rush in to the heart of battle, who bring their dance of death as a blur, killing the enemy before they even know their peril, comes the the Skyweavers. The Skyweaver is a modified Eldar Jetbike, made to carry two riders, the pilot and an armed passenger, able to move swiftly and bring devastation in their wake. Skyweaver are part of the Harlequin myth that represents part of the brood of the Cosmic Serpent, a flying mass of reptilian creatures that strike at the enemies of the Laughing God again and again.  The bike itself can be armed with several under slung weaponry to either specialise against infantry or tanks, while the passenger swings a zephyrglaive or an explosive star bolas. The bike also is decorated with one of four masks, each matching the one piloting the bike. A great new kit to add to your collection. 

This set contains two high quality plastic miniatures of Harlequin Skyweaver Jetbikes and bases.

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