Aeldari Skyrunner

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Lords of the Craftworlds, masters of the Arcane arts, exploring the power of the warp and controlling it with their mind to enhance their forces in battle and unleash its destructive power on their foes, Farseers are truly powerful leaders. Some ride into battle at great speed on Eldar Jetbikes, extremely manoeuvrable, able to jump from one end of the battle field to the other in one turn, controlling the game where they need to be leaving death in their wake. They are know as Farseer Skyrunners.

This awesome multi part plastic kit provides you with all the parts to make an Eldar Farseer or warlock on Jetbike, it has two choices for weapons carried in to battle of either a Witchblade or Singing spear and has additional runes and heads up displays to show the models ranking in the army. Being multi part this kit allows for some great conversion opportunities, means this model is a kit no Eldar collector should be with out.