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Daemons of Chaos Skarbrand The Bloodthirster

Daemons of Chaos Skarbrand The Bloodthirster

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Skarbrand is known as one of the greatest champions of the Blood God and the most vicious and deadly of Bloodthirsters. The souls he has slain fall into untold billions, he has left entire worlds barren in his quest for slaughter, and even ravaged the realms of the other Chaos Gods adding to the eternal rivalry between them.

It was his unending thirst for destruction that proved his undoing, as Tzeentch came up with a fiendish plan to set his brother's favoured champion against his own master by fuelling Skarbrand’s own rage. Taunting whispers in his ear and goading him into ever greater acts of savagery and his rage peaked when Skarbrand took up his axes against Khorne himself. Although one of the greatest Daemons of war, Skarbrand only succeeded in opening up a chink in the armour of the Blood God, Khorne was so enraged that he snatched up he favoured champion with his razor sharp claws and choked him until all traces of thought and personality had drained away, to leave only Skarbrand's rage behind. Khorne then banished Skarbrand from the Brass Citadel, hurling him across the Warp leaving a blazing trail of devastation in his wake. Skarbrand’s landing carved out a massive canyon, and tore his wings to shreds. 

Skarbrand only exists now as an avatar of fury, devoid of emotion apart from a hatred for someone he can no longer remember. This leads him to travel across the Realms and take out his vengeance on anything that crosses his path. This immense figure, armed with his two Daemon axes, towers over most other as a muscled killing machine that embodies the wrath of the Blood God. An awesome highly detailed plastic miniature to add to your Chaos forces of Khorne Bloodbound.

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