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Shattered Dominion: 60 & 90mm Oval

Shattered Dominion: 60 & 90mm Oval

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These Citadel Bases will provide your models with a stable and steady platform to stand on. Can be painted in any way to add character and atmosphere and are an incredibly easy way to add another level of detail and cohesion to your forces with all the hard work done for you. Simply glue on, paint and attach additional flock or tufts to finish them off.

Make your Citadel miniatures stand out from the crowd, match their bases to the gaming table and give them a more authentic look of a fantasy environment with these awesome Shattered Dominion Round Bases from Games Workshop. This beautifully detailed set of bases are perfect to go along with the Realm of Battle: Shattered Dominion game board. 

This pack contains twenty 60mm plastic bases and six 90mm plastic bases, modelled on the Shattered Dominion Gameboard. There are several different designs of each base and each pack includes 14 pieces of shattered rubble for further customisation. 

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