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T'au Empire Pathfinder Team

T'au Empire Pathfinder Team

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Pathfinder teams range far ahead of Hunter Cadres in search of enemy forces. They maintain a watch on the foe while remaining hidden, reporting details of the enemy’s nature and disposition by way of encrypted and undetectable communication systems. Pathfinder teams are also deployed in the role of aggressive patrol groups, maintaining dominance over a wide area around a stationary Hunter Cadre and detecting any enemy forces that attempt to approach. Occasionally, an entire Hunter Cadre of Pathfinders is tasked with a mission, such as exploring a newly discovered planet and ascertaining if it is suitable for colonisation.

This Boxed Set contains

  • 10x T'au Pathfinders
  • 1x Pulse Accelerator Drone
  • 1x Grav-inhibitor Drone
  • 1x Recon Drone
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