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T'au Empire KV128 Stormsurge

T'au Empire KV128 Stormsurge

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The Tau Empire are bringing in reinforcements in a big way in the form of the Kv128 Stormsurge. Towering over even the Riptide, this colossal beast of a battlesuit is controlled by its pilots and moves across the battlefield with an unnatural grace. Ready to bring to bear its arsenal of devastating weapons, it leaves only smouldering craters of what was it target and performs exactly as its name would suggest. 

Its primary weapon is in the form of a Pulse Blastcannon, which can fire in 3 different modes depending on the distance to the target. At long range it can fire a couple of high strength blasts at its prey, increasing in strength the closer the target gets, which then increase to D-Weapon levels at point blank range. Along with this the Stormsurge comes as standard with four other weapon systems, the Cluster Rocket System, a twin linked Flamer, a twin liked Smart Missile System and a compliment of strength 8 Destroyer Missiles. As the Cluster Rocket System fires 4D6 strength 5 missiles, the Stormsurge can rain down a hail of missiles that can pummel enemy units of infantry with ease. 

With upgrades like Stabilizing Anchors that lock it to the ground as it fires, this Gargantuan Monstrous Creature can forgo its next movement and stomp abilities but can fire its weapon system twice and at different targets, meaning the Stormsurge is an incredible firebase that sends out a torrent of deadly ammunition at your enemy and is the perfect addition to add to your Tau Empire collection.

The box set contains all the parts to make one highly detailed plastic Kv128 Stormsurge model. As well as a base, build instructions this is a beautiful kit and a must for the Tau.

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