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Sylvaneth Kurnoth Hunters

Sylvaneth Kurnoth Hunters

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This box set contains multi-part plastic components to make three Kurnoth Hunters for the Sylvaneth faction for your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

Please Note: Miniatures supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.

The strange and wondrous denizens of Athel Loren are tree spirits, their large humanoid bodies are formed of wood held together by a powerful spirit energy. While these beings are kind to the other creatures who dwell within the forest, any invaders are hunted down and crushed beneath their heavy limbs or killed with by their enchanted magical weapons.

Kurnoth Hunters are large elite Sylvaneth warriors, the spearhead of the Everqueen's new war. Alarielle's foremost scouts, hunters and executioners, they can be armed with either greatswords, scythes or greatbows and they protect the borders of the forests and chase down any invades that enter the Sylvaneth lands. Echoing the forms of the treelords in their appearance, these warriors are equally skilled in any of their weapons they use while patrolling the forests. Even their massive magical bows are capable of bringing down the colossal beasts and monsters the enemy brings to war.

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