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Kraken Wargames

Kraken Wargames Gaming Mat - Parla

Kraken Wargames Gaming Mat - Parla

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  • 1x Parla - Mousepad 90x40cm


  • The surface consists of a special microfibre fabric, that offers optimal glide and precise control for a mouse.
  • Whether you need quick movements in first-person shooters or precise cursor control in strategy games, this mouse pad is designed to give you an advantage.
  • The mats are 2mm thick and have a Anti-slip coating on the backside
  • Storage is simple, the mousepads can simply be rolled up without taking on the shape
  • They roll out wonderfully flat, again and again without any problems
  • The Lotus effect protects against moisture, spilled drinks ;ink and other dirt
  • The mouse pads are scratch-resistant
  • The print quality is 720dpi
  • The dice noise is extremely quiet thanks to the material ;mpft
  • The mice can be easily removed from the mousepad
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