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Ork Killa Kans

Ork Killa Kans

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Ork Killa Kans are actually piloted by Grotz. But while smaller than a Deff Dread, they're every bit as stompy and smashy! Best of all, there's 3 of them. So while they're more lightly armoured, they all come with buzz saws, drills and snippy claws as well as a variety of Skorchas, Big Shootas, Rokkits and the infamous Grotzooka.

The natural Ballistic Skill of a Grot actually makes Killa Kans a great fire support unit, whether you arm them all with Rokkits or Grotzookas. And like all Ork units, they're good fun in a fight!

This boxed set contains three plastic multipart Ork Killa Kans. Models are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

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