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Khorne Bloodbound Blood Warriors

Khorne Bloodbound Blood Warriors

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The Mortal Realms have fallen to Chaos and many of the people left to fend for themselves in their desperation have turned their faith towards the Daemon Gods, especially Khorne. The war God has happily accepted these new followers as they worship at the throne of skulls for all that Khorne desires is that the blood flows.

Swearing their allegiance to Khorne they have become Bloodbound and some of the most fanatical and violent of these tribesmen are the dreaded Blood Warriors. The most vicious and blood thirsty of Khorne's mortal warriors have the honour of becoming Blood Warriors. Encased in thick ornate armour that is covered in the icons of Khorne to allow them to reach the enemy forces and slaughter as many as they can. These frenzied soldiers can be found at the front of the charge with the sole purpose to spill the blood of their foes, killing without mercy or finesse as they crash in to the front lines of the enemy, attacking in a frenzied uncontrolled manner that even the most highly trained fighter would find hard to defend against. Their Goreaxes parting limbs from bodies in deadly wild swings or armour, flesh and organs being ripped open with a punch from their gorefists. Sometimes killing with their bare hands in if this means adding the body count. Nothing is beyond them and even in death, their lust for spilling blood cannot be sated as after a mortal blow has been struck, in their death throws will they still swing a final attack in the name of their master. 

This box set contains ten highly detailed multi-part plastic Blood Warriors, Warscroll and ten 32mm round bases. Each unit can be armed with either a Goreaxe and Gorefist or two Goreaxes and also provides the option for a Warrior armed with a special Goreglaive. One of the miniatures can be assembled as a Chaos Champion or a Chaos Icon Bearer. 

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