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Kayvaan Shrike

Kayvaan Shrike

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The Raven Guard come from the moon Deliverance, they were the XIX Legion from the original Space Marine Legions. They barely survived the outbreak of the Horus Heresy and had to live through horrifically extreme conditions to make it this far, this has made them into a deadly and ruthless legion that will stop at nothing, even death, to win a battle.

They have learnt that staying in the open is a guaranteed way to get killed so they will stay in the shadows and move in behind the enemy lines, flanking them, and will strike with powerful yet precise attacks.

Kayvaan Shrike is the Chapter Master of the Raven Guard, and will be available for all your re-roll based needs. He will lead your Raven Guard heroically and with his experience crossing the Rubicon Primaris he will be a mighty weapon in combat.

This highly detailed, multi-part plastic box set contains;

  • 1x Raven Guard Kayvaan Shrike
  • 1x 40mm Citadel Base

Please note:

  • Miniature is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
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