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Necromunda Kal Jericho And Scabs

Necromunda Kal Jericho And Scabs

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Return to Necromunda! 

Necromunda is a Hive World in Segmentum Solar, and a major producer of munitions for the Astra Militarum. Necromunda's forges never tire, producing lasguns, autoguns, shotguns and even boltguns for the famed Adeptus Astartes. The planet also levies huge numbers of troops for the Astra Militarum (most notably the "Necromundan Spiders"), as well as other supplies. Necromunda is typical of most hive worlds, its hive cites rife with powerful gangs.

Welcome to the Underhive!

The factories on Necromunda run deep beneath the planet's surface, these lower levels are referred to as the Underhive. Littered with a network of interlocking corridors and passageway the Underhive forms a maze of walkways and sheer drops into bottomless caverns. A dangerous place to live that is rife with crime and violence, the Underhive is controlled by Multiple Clan Houses Or "Gangs". Necromunda is typical of most hive worlds, resources are scare, life is cheap. The chances of survival are greatly increased by joining one of the many gangs, that inhabit all Hive Worlds

Kal Jericho and his trusty companion Scabs are legends inside the underhive, their ability to get into and out of trouble has inspired many a folk tale. Kal Jericho is a fearless swashbuckler armed with twin hotshot laspistols and a duelling sabre he has defeated many opponents that have underestimated his skill. Scabs, on the other hand, is half-Ratskin, loyal to a fault and Kal’s constant companion. He is always ready to lay down cover fire with his plasma gun and a stub gun, allowing his life-long friend to receive in all the glory. 

This multi-part plastic box set includes,

  • 1x Kal Jericho
  • 1x Scabs

Please note:

  • Kal Jericho And Scabs can be hired by any Necromunda gang to supplement their strength
  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
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