Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle A cooperative deck-building game

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle allows players both young and old to take control of their own story and destiny in this deck-building cooperative game. 2-4 players must work together to defend Hogwarts from impending doom, the villains of the Harry Potter universe all launching attacks against you and the school. Consolidate your defences and create a strategy to push these evil forces back and gain victory over the dark lord himself!

Players have a choice of character to make, all famous Hogwarts students. They can choose from Harry, Ron Hermione or Neville, each having their own personal deck of cards that players must use to their advantage to acquire resources, fight enemies and protect both themselves and their team! Throughout the game, you must work as a team to come up with the best tactic to drive back the dark forces plaguing your progress. Gain influence and add more cards to your deck to become a real defence against these evil villains. These cards can be iconic characters that join the fight, or spells and magical items that you can add to your arsenal! Other cards will also allow players to regain health and fight against the Dark Arts, but use these wisely and timely, otherwise you may find yourselves in a fight you simply cannot win!

In Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, you must all work together to stop the evil forces gaining power and overrunning both you and Hogwarts and it is only by working together that you can rid the land of the Dark Arts and secure the castle once more form the forces of evil!

This game is massively entertaining and will be enjoyed by both Potter fans and those who are new to the franchise. Are you ready to team up and take on the Dark Arts? Then grab your wand and head out into the fray to defend Hogwarts from the evil forces trying to take it!

Player Count: 2-4
Time: 30-60 Minutes
Age: 11+

How to play: