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Grass Flock Applicator - Small Mesh

Grass Flock Applicator - Small Mesh

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The Grass Flock Applicator - Small Mesh 

This is a spare part for the Grass Flock Applicator from Green Stuff World. 

This accessory will allow interchanging the tool head allowing to use of very small flocking efficiently. It has been specially designed for applying grass flock fibers 1-3mm

The small mesh effectively distributes the flocking material onto surfaces with precision, ensuring an even and natural-looking coverage. It allows hobbyists, modelers, and crafters to enhance their creations by adding realistic grass textures to a wide range of objects.

With the help of this tool and its accessory, will allow the users to create realistic static grass tufts and scrubs, making it ideal for various modeling projects such as wargame figures, dioramas, and other miniature landscapes.

Not limited to miniature landscapes, the Grass Flock Applicator can also be used for flocking other surfaces such as scrapbooking creations, car dashboards, toys, and plastic trees among others. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for various artistic and creative endeavors, enabling users to transform ordinary objects into visually appealing pieces with the addition of a lifelike grass flock.

Includes: Mesh Head 1.5x1.5mm

* Does not include the applicator machine, only the mesh.

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