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Epoxy Resin - Crystal Clear

Epoxy Resin - Crystal Clear

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Transparent Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin is a synthetic material that finds use in a wide range of art and craft projects such as model building, water effects, jewelry, encapsulations, and quick repairs. Due to its transparency and hardness, this is an especially popular material for creating various effects in miniatures, wargames, and dioramas.

To create the mixture, two components are carefully mixed together. The liquid epoxy resin and hardener initiate a chemical reaction that typically takes 24 hours to complete. It is crucial to mix the components precisely to avoid any unwanted outcomes such as uncured mixes, excessively long curing times, or flexible cured pieces.

For proper mixing, the components should be stirred together thoroughly with a wooden stick or spoon. Shaking the mixture should be avoided to prevent the formation of air bubbles that will persist.

The duration during which epoxy resins can be processed after mixing is referred to as the processing time. It varies depending on the amount of epoxy resin mixed. Larger amounts will result in shorter processing times, which typically last between 20 to 60 minutes. A warm environment will accelerate the reaction, reducing working time, while a cold environment will prolong it.

Dyes for Resins can be incorporated into the mixture, as well as a variety of fillers including pigments and glitter powders among others. However, it's important to ensure that the fillers used are resistant to the high temperatures produced during curing and are compatible with this product.

Low-odor 2-component product
Resin Viscosity: Medium
Maximum thickness application: 3-40mm
UV Resistance: Medium
Processing time: 20-60min
Curing time: 24h

- 300ml (200 + 100ml)
- 2 silicone mixing glasses
- 2 wooden sticks for mixing

Where to buy Epoxy resin?

Green Stuff World is a well-known supplier of hobby materials and modeling tools that caters to the needs of hobbyists and enthusiasts alike. They offer a wide range of products, including epoxy resin, which is ideal for various art and craft projects.

To buy epoxy resin from Green Stuff World, you can visit their website, browse through the products, and place an order. We offer transparent epoxy resin, and fluor green both in a low-odor and UV-resistant version.

How do you make clear resin without bubbles?

Although working with these types of epoxy resins is generally a fairly simple process, getting clear pieces without bubbles does require some preparation, attention to detail, and following the manufacturer's instructions in terms of times, mixing ratios, and quantities. Here are some general tips to help minimize bubbles:

  • Work in a warm and dust-free environment: Choose a room with a warm temperature and low humidity to minimize air pockets in the application. Clean the work area to avoid dust particles from getting into the mixture.
  • Mix both components slowly to avoid creating air bubbles. Mix thoroughly but avoid whipping the mixture to prevent introducing air into the mix.
  • Use a heat gun or torch: Use a heat gun or torch whenever possible to carefully and briefly pass it over the surface of the mixed product to remove any surface bubbles. This process should be done with caution to avoid overheating or scorching whatever you are encapsulating.
  • Allow the mixture to rest: After mixing, let the mixture rest for a few minutes before pouring it to allow air bubbles to rise to the surface.
  • Pour the mixture slowly and steadily into the mold or surface, and avoid splashing it around. This can help minimize the introduction of new bubbles.
  • Use a vibrating tool: If you have it because a vibrating tool or a sander with a vibration mode can help release any trapped air bubbles in the mixture.
  • Cover and let it cure: After pouring the mixture, cover it with a lid or plastic wrap to avoid dust and other debris from settling on the surface. Allow curing for the recommended time in the instructions.

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