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Dark Souls "You Died" Bundle

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You and up to three friends will take control of four iconic classes from Dark Souls™; the Knight, Assassin, Herald, or Warrior.

Upon reaching the fog gate you will have to decide if you are ready to fight these truly terrifying, huge, foes. Their attack patterns change every time you fight them, and midway during the fight they will heat up and reshuffle their attacks. Before the game begins you will choose a Mini Boss; a Gargoyle, a Titanite Demon, a Boreal Outrider Knight, or a Winged Knight. Then once you have bested that obstacle you must choose a Main Boss! Will you pick the Dancer of the Boreal Valley, or the fearsome duo of Ornstein & Smough?

This amazing bundle includes!

Dark souls the Board game x1
Explorers Expansion x1
Characters Expansion x1
Phantoms Expansion x1
Iron Keep Expansion x1
Manus Father of the Abyss x1