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Citadel Tufts: Brimstein Firegrass

Citadel Tufts: Brimstein Firegrass

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From gore-drenched daemon worlds to the fiery lands of Aqshy, the flora found throughout the worlds of Warhammer is far from ordinary. While many retain their hues of green and brown, some have evolved to take on a much more vivid colour palette – and they may (or may not) turn out to be as deadly to any army marching among them as the enemy.

Bring vibrant colour and detail to your armies’ bases with Brimstein Firegrass Tufts. They make it easy to visually tie your army together and create bold, vivid bases in minutes. The tufts attach to bases with strong adhesive backing and can stick to a variety of paints and basing materials. Each can be easily cut or torn into various shapes as needed, and they are perfect for armies deployed to strange, alien worlds, the Realm of Aqshy, or hellish daemon landscapes.

This pack contains 155 grassy tufts split as follows:
- 48x large curved tufts
- 48x small tufts
- 35x medium tufts
- 24x large long tufts

Miniatures displayed in images are for illustrative purposes only and are not included with this product.
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