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Citadel Crusade Figure Case

Citadel Crusade Figure Case

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Games Workshop has developed and released the best ever range of army and figure cases to protect, store and carry from game to game your amazing miniature collections. Designed to get your models where ever you want in perfect condition after you have spent your valuable time and skills building and painting great miniatures.

These cases are made of firm injection moulded plastic with strengthened hinges with means they can take a bump and the hinges have a metal pin through them to add reliability and make them long-lasting.

The foam itself is made of high-quality material and comes with two-tier trays, with zig-zag shaped channels to firmly hold various sized miniatures in the same channel. Meaning you should not have to alter or remove foam for holding larger sized models, such as dreadnoughts. With each foam tray you can remove either tier to allow you to carry really models, such as a Land Raider or Storm Raven Gunship. This allows for a bigger capacity of models to be put in each case, up to 50% more than previous cases released by Games Workshop.

The Figure Case revolution has begun!

The Citadel Crusade Figure Case has four of the two-tier foam trays and is designed to carry a whole army in one go. From tanks and flyers to countless numbers of infantry and walkers.

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