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Basing Bark Chips 200ml

Basing Bark Chips 200ml

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Bark Chips 200ml

Bark chips can be an excellent basing material in hobby scale and modeling for creating terrain for wargames, especially for natural and organic terrain features like forests, swamps,  all sorts of debris, or rubble and rocky terrain. 

This dried and cleaned miniature basing material are easy to glue and paint with PVA glue and Tuft glue, so they are a cost-effective alternative to rock molds to produce a variety of effects on scenery or figure bases. Because it comes from nature they have an organic texture, so each piece is unique which makes it easy to create custom bases for your figures that are truly one-of-a-kind.

This small miniature basing material comes in a variety of sizes and shapes so they can be combined either among themselves or with other materials, such as hobby sand or cork, to create even more texture and depth.

This offer contains 200ml of clean and small bark chips in natural color perfect for creating unique and interesting miniature bases.

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