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Age Of Sigmar Faction Pack: Seraphon (English)

Age Of Sigmar Faction Pack: Seraphon (English)

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Many legends surround the Seraphon. It is said that they have visited the Mortal Realms since time immemorial and fly the Aetheric Void in golden temple-ships full of unknowable technology. Staunch enemies of Chaos in all its forms, they often attack unpredictably in pursuit of a future only they can divine.

This set of cards sets you up with your Seraphon unit profiles and abilities, army rules, and Spearhead rules in a handy format for easy reference. Just grab the cards you need, and enact the plan of the Old Ones.

This set of 41 cards includes:
- 1x Seraphon Faction Background Card
- 3x Army Rules Cards
- 32x Warscroll Cards
- 5x Spearhead Cards

All cards are 161.5mm x 107mm.

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