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Age Of Sigmar Faction Pack: Ossiarch Bonereapers (English

Age Of Sigmar Faction Pack: Ossiarch Bonereapers (English

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The Ossiarch Bonereapers march upon the realms to carry out Nagash's eternal mission of conquest. Their strategy, both on and off the battlefield, is dictated by dispassionate logic. They leave subjugated settlements alive but force their citizens to submit tithes of bone or face annihilation.

This set of cards sets you up with your Ossiarch Bonereapers unit profiles and abilities, army rules, and Spearhead rules in a handy format for easy reference. Just grab the cards you need, and prepare to collect the Bone Tithe.

This set of 33 cards includes:
- 1x Ossiarch Bonereapers Faction Background Card
- 3x Army Rules Cards
- 23x Warscroll Cards
- 6x Spearhead Cards

All cards are 161.5mm x 107mm.

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