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Age Of Sigmar Faction Pack: Kharadron Overlords (English)

Age Of Sigmar Faction Pack: Kharadron Overlords (English)

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The Kharadron Overlords maintain sky-fleets as grand as they are formidable. Forged by stoic duardin who value profit above all, they are wonders of artifice and raw firepower. When diplomacy is found wanting, their destructive capabilities are enough to level fortresses and cripple nations in a blistering cannonade.

This set of cards sets you up with your Kharadron Overlords unit profiles and abilities, army rules, and Spearhead rules in a handy format for easy reference. Just grab the cards you need, and get ready to balance the books.

This set of 24 cards includes:
- 1x Kharadron Overlords Faction Background Card
- 2x Army Rules Cards
- 15x Warscroll Cards
- 6x Spearhead Cards

All cards are 161.5mm x 107mm.

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