The Arena is Open

The Arena is Open

The Deathmatch Arena has opened its gates and you can hear the crowd roar in excitement just as much as you can detect that distinct metallic taste in the air. Blood will certainly spill in a fight to the death; let’s just hope yours is less than the other guys’...

February kicks things off with a massive thunk, as Heavy Hitters lands for all of us to dig into brand new toys for Brutes, Guardians and Warriors, with 5 brand new heroes to boot. Even if these aren’t to your fancy, the expansion slot is bound to have something to get your deckbuilding juices flowing.

Not only do we have a brand new set released, a new prize kit for our weekly events and our Road to Nationals event coming very soon, the very first official Release event for Flesh & Blood is taking place this Saturday!

February Armory Events:

This month we’re doing away with fancy mechanologist gizmos from Metrix and starting off strong with the fist block armory promos, as well as some nice cold foils. If you wish to get your hands on these, you best come prepared for a fight.

  • 1 Gold Foil “Gold Time Chapeau” to the winner of 2 of our Armory events this month
  • 1 Cold Foil “Hood of the Red Sand” to the winner of 2 of our Armory events this month
  • 2 Extended Art Rainbow Foil “Wall of Meat and Muscle” to players in 2nd to 7th place
  • 2 Extended Art Rainbow Foil “Hearty Block” to players in 2nd to 7th place
  • 2 Extended Art Rainbow Foil “Run into Trouble” to players in 2nd to 7th place
  • The player with the most XP gained with heroes from Heavy Hitters this month earns a “Kassai of the Golden Sand” playmat
  • The player with the greatest community contributions this month earns a “Kassai of the Golden Sand” playmat

Heavy Hitters Release:

The set is now up for sale! Pick up your boosters, boxes and blitz preconstructed decks while they’re still hot! With each purchase of a booster box, you get to choose one of the following promos (while stocks last). There’s only a couple of each card, so first come, first served.

Play Day Event (Release Event):

Up to this point, we were running Draft events from the latest set to celebrate the release of a new set. Flesh & Blood now has an official name for these events, with exclusive prize support too, called ‘Play Day’ events.

Our Play Day event is set for Saturday, the 3rd of the month, and starts at 11:30am. You can find your ticket here

Unique promos for this Play Day event are one copy each of the hero specialization head equipment from this set in Rainbow Foil. The winner of each pod will be receiving one at random and the rest will be distributed to other random participants. Additionally we’re giving a playmat to a random player and one random rainbow foil promo to each participant.

This is the perfect opportunity to see what this set has to offer in draft while also earning some sweet loot. 

Road to Nationals 2024: Cyprus

We’re getting a Road to Nationals event, or RtN for short, and you can read all about it in the dedicated post we’ve released about it last week. In short, the prizes are awesome, the format is new and we couldn’t be more excited as we’re starting to head towards another National Championship. The road to glory begins here! 

Enter the Arena:

The six heroes from Heavy Hitters will be duking it out around the world, their efforts tracked on a special Deathmatch Arena leaderboard. The players who contribute points to the winning hero will be mailed a special Command and Conquer promo later in the year. More details about this will follow in the coming weeks as events for this start taking place.

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