Painting Contest 2023 Winners

Painting Contest 2023 Winners

It has been a tough judging process, but the results are in and we have all 4 winners from our various categories this year. If you don't see your entry below, know that you have still fought valiantly, but your time for glory may not have come just yet. Pick that brush back up again and give 'em hell for next year! Or during our weekly painting pledges. Overall, painting minis is all about the journey and seeing your pile of shaming slowly get replace by beutifuly painted units, characters, squads and armies.

For those that have impressed us the most, if you see your name below for any of the categories, send us a message and we'll get you sorted with your spoils of war.

Category A: Single Figure Miniature

Theodoros Millidonis and his Great Bray-Shaman has secured first place for the single figure category. From the glowing skull eyes on the staff, to the blood dripping on the base, this is a figure that displays masterful technique and incredible brush control.


Category B: Vehicle

David Leimbach's Chimera takes the cake for our second category, with proof that you don't need flashy lazers and a million intricate details to have a fantastic looking model. The weathering effects here are incredible without being overbearing, and the simple colour palette showcases how one does not need a lot of colour to achieve great results.

Category C: Team/Squad/Unit

Andreas Tsouris and his unit of Ogroid Theridons has impressed us the most for this category, with some nice freehand work on the banner, striking glowing visuals of the weapons and smooth blends on the skin tones.


Category D: Monster

Robin Patrick Gombert and his ravenous Mangler Squigs have left us speechless. From the vibrant colour progression through the skin tones and fleshy underbellies, to the beutiful base and even saliva dripping from the squig's mouth, this was an entry worthy of our final category.

Please contact us to receive your prize. Paint more minis, hone your craft and get ready for the next competition that will be here before you know it!
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