Get Bonked

Get Bonked

April comes around and brings with it new promos, news from competitive events around the world, the latest rumblings for the next set and much much more! Let’s jump right in!

April Armory Events:

This month we are rounding out the Cold Foil head pieces from Heavy Hitters, and getting some very playable and some not so much rainbow foils, with Olympia getting center stage in this month’s playmat. Here’s what you can expect for prizing of each armory this month:

  • 1st place: 1 Cold Foil of your choice:
    • Prized Galea
    • Monstrous Veil
  • 2nd - 7th place: 1 Extended art Rainbow Foil of your choice (2 of each available per event):
    • Battered Not Broken
    • Take it on the Chin
    • Slap-Happy
  • At the end of the month we are awarding the player with the most XP gained during armory events of the month with an “Olympia, Prized Fighter” Playmat
  • At the end of the month we are awarding the player with the most XP gained while playing a Warrior, Brute or Guardian hero during armory events of the month with an “Olympia, Prized Fighter” playmat.

ProTour LA, Living Legend and Bans:

There’s been tons of turmoil regarding some rapid changes happening in the landscape of Classic Constructed. Pro Tour: Los Angeles concluded very recently, and was taken down by Arthur Trehet, piloting the dragon lady herself, Dromai, Ash Artist! The entire event was streamed by Savage Feats, who put together an incredible show for all three days, so I suggest you go check out the VODs. Some great gameplay and some out-of-the-box ideas as far as deck choices. Who would have thought we would be seeing hatchets Dori?

This win by Dromai gets her in very close distance of reaching Living Legend, with only 4 points needed for her to cross the threshold. With Calling Phuket and ProQuest season right around the corner, one thing is for sure; Dromai isn’t going to stick around for much longer. With such a polarizing hero leaving the format, the possibilities are endless of who will rise to the top and what other suppressed strategies will emerge, especially since a new set, bringing a new Illusionist is coming very, very soon.

As if the news out of the Pro Tour weren’t enough, there was a scheduled Ban and Suspended announcement on the 25th of March, which gave us the following changes:

  • Classic Constructed:
    • Berserk is banned
    • Crown of Seeds is banned
  • Blitz:
    • Berserk is banned

LSS primarily mentioned the stifling of future development as the reason for these preemptive bans, as neither of these two cards see much play, with one not even being a legal card to play in the format at this moment. The Berserk ban soon made a lot of sense, as new cards have also been spoiled these past few days.

The next scheduled Banned and Suspended announcement is set to happen on July 8th.

Armory Deck: Kayo

One thing that has been missing from Flesh & Blood since the days of Arcane Rising has been Classic Constructed preconstructed decks. Something you can pick right off the shelf and be ready to go in your local armory. Sure Blitz precons had been around, but as many players can attest to, CC is the best way to experience what this game has to offer.

We’ve seen a couple of new cards this product will contain and we can’t wait to see what other goodies will be included here. You can place your pre-orders here to ensure a copy of this will be reserved for you.

3 more of these decks have been promised for this year, along with another new-player-friendly product called “1st Strike”. We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for these, as nothing else has been announced at the moment.

Part the Mistveil:

Get ready to venture into lands unknown and so far untraveled. Get ready to visit the birthplace of fan-favorites, such as Katsu, Benji and Uzuri. These heroes might be absent for this go-around, but new mysterious figures emerge from the enigmatic and secretive lands of Mysteria.

Along with three new heroes, an Assassin, an Illusionist and a Ninja, we see a brand new talent introduced; Mystic. A new resource type, Chi, will be a core aspect of this new talent, giving heroes that transcend access to more powerful abilities and effects. Exactly how this will work is at this moment unknow, but we can still feast our eyes on the incredible trailer for this set, as well as check out the new heroes:

  • Release Date: 31st of May
  • Pre-Release Event: 25th of May
  • Release Event: 1st June
  • 239 Cards
    • 1 Fabled
    • 6 Legendary
    • 43 Majestic
    • 54 Rare
    • 123 Common
    • 12 Token
    • 18 Marvel

You can pre-order your booster boxes or cases here to ensure you receive it on time for release and with any buy-a-box promos that come with this set.

In addition to the regular set, we are getting a new kind of Blitz Preconstructed deck product. You can get all three new hero Blitz decks, including foil heroes and exclusive extended art cards, along with three Part the Mistveil booster packs and a Mysteria Playmat in the brand new Part the Mistveil Blitz Deck Collection, which comes in the same incredible card storage box introduced with the Round the Table product. 

ProQuest: Season 5:

We’ve mentioned it before, we’re mentioning it again. We have a ProQuest event giving out incredible prizes and awarding the winner with a spot in ProTour: Amsterdam! Find out all about it in the dedicated announcement here. We’ll see you in the Arena.

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