Comic Con: Table Flip

Comic Con: Table Flip

Are you ready to flip some tables? No? Well perhaps your opponents have never comboed off on turn 1. Or you always draw the perfect mix of lands and spells. Maybe you’ve never had your most powerful card be your final prize card. You’ve definitely not had your defense reaction intimidated away.

Whatever your experience with Trading Card Games, one thing is for sure. These little cardboard rectangles can offer incredible gameplay, collectibility and strategic fun, and as such deserve to be under the spotlight of the masses.

Join us on Saturday, the 15th of June, at the Mall of Engomi, were under the Cyprus Comic Con banner ALL TCG’s we support will be showcased in community tournaments with incredible prizes!!! It’s the perfect opportunity to share your passion for card games with the general public, see what other games have to offer and engage in a frenzy of card slinging, combat and strategic outmaneuvering like never before.

We will have tournaments for the below games, so if you are only interested in a specific one, please scroll down to its section:

  • Flesh & Blood
  • Magic: the Gathering
  • One Piece: Trading Card Game

Flesh & Blood

The Cyprus Flesh & Blood National Championship is happening at the end of the month, where we will crown a new National Champion! Seriously, there’s a trophy and everything. In celebration of this upcoming occasion, we are hosting our National Festival event here, at the Mall of Engomi, where Cyprus's first Super Armory will take place!!! Then, it’s a perfect chance to get your practice on

  • Blitz Super Armory:
    • Entry Fee: 15eu
    • Start Time: 11:30 
    • Prize Support: Armory Anthology Promo kit (2 playmats, 4 cold foils, Rainbow Foils, Extended Arts and more!!!) + Flick Flack Exclusive Promo
    • Pairings: Swiss
  • Casual Games:
    • Entry Fee: FREE
    •  Start Time: As soon as the Blitz event ends.
    • Prize Support: Rainbow Foil Promo Bundle for all participants

Magic: the Gathering

The granddaddy of them all will take the stage at the Mall of Engomi with an “Outlaws of Thunder Junction” draft event, and upon its conclusion, commander players will be unleashed upon the area. If enough players agree, the draft will instead be changed to a Modern Horizons 3 draft, with an altered entry fee. 

  • Outlaws of Thunder Junction Draft:
    • Entry Fee: 22eu (45eu if playing Modern Horizons 3)
    • Start Time: 11:30
    • Prize Support: Regular booster pack prize support + Promos Galore + MtG Pins
    • Pairings: Draft pods of 8. 3 rounds only. 
  • Commander Casual:
    • Entry Fee: FREE
    • Start Time: 15:30
    • Prize Support: Promos Galore + MtG Pins
    • Pairings: Pods of 4. Play until they kick you out 😛

One Piece: Trading Card Game

Finding the One Piece may be a long journey, but the journey to the Mall of Engomi surely is not. Bring your constructed decks, lay down your Dons and get ready for action, in this special Constructed event chock full of promos, winner packs and much, much more than you’ve seen in any previous One Piece event!

    • Entry Fee: 15eu
    • Start Time: 12:00
    • Prize Support:  
      • 2x Packs on participation
      • Surprise Promo items:
      • Top 4 get to choose between 4 winner promos from past events
      • Every participating player gets a promo item based on their rankings, highest ranking players get 1st pick
      • 1x Pack in prize pool oer participating player
    • Pairings: Swiss 
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