What a FaBoulous Playmat!

What a FaBoulous Playmat!

It’s a new month, and you know what that means! A recap of all the goings on in the world of FaB, as well as what’s to come. Lots have happened in the past month, and there are some massive news for the upcoming weeks too! Let’s get right into it.

ProQuest Season 3:

First of all, the third season of ProQuests has wrapped up around the world. Many people secured their ticket to Pro Tour Baltimore and some sweet sweet Gold Cold Foils. We are so proud to have one of our own punch their ticket to the big leagues and can’t wait to see how they progress. Huge congratulations to Nicolas Kyriakou on his win.

We have the entire event video up on our channel with many, many hours of gameplay. From the first, until the final round, the top table has been on display and after hours and hours of hard work, the entire thing is edited and up for your viewing pleasure. 

Living Legend:

With so many competitive events happening in the past month, the Living Legend list was bound to be shaken up. Some massive jumps from heroes like Oldhim, Fai and Iyslander, which may taper off with the recent bannings. Briar barely survived reaching LL status, but the coming few Battle Hardened and Calling events could change things very quickly. Regardless, a new set is soon dropping, which will inevitably breathe some new life to both old and new heroes alike. Perhaps this is now the time for Azalea to finally get some LL points herself.

February Armory Prize Kit:

We move on from Arakni cold foils into…more Arakni cold foils! This month, the winner of each weekly Armory event will receive 1 Cold Foil Spider’s Bite weapon, with 2nd-7th position receiving their choice of Hemorrhaging Bore Rainbow foils across all pitch values. The points leader at the end of the month will also win this incredible Pulsewave Harpoon playmat, and, as your resident Mechanologist enthusiast, I am drooling at the mere prospect.

You can find the full schedule for upcoming events at our events page, and pre-book your tickets here.


This month I wanted to bring some extra attention to some resources that have proved themselves to be incredibly useful to me personally, which I know you’ll love too.

  • FaBRary: I’ve mentioned this place numerous times, but it is seriously incredible in the functionality it offers for deckbuilding, sideboarding and iterating on your decks. You can create your own decks, save decks from others, edit them, include notes on different matchups and how to sideboard, first/second preferences, different versions of the same deck, stats about the cards you include and much much more, not to mention incredible integration with our next resource…
  • Talishar: This is not only the (currently) only Generic weapon in the game, it is also a totally free website you can play FaB on against other players from all around the world. All official formats are supported, as well as some unofficial ones! The game mechanics are baked into the client, so you can focus on the gameplay. The best way to improve your gameplay is to play more, and this allows you to play this incredible game from the comfort of your own home. Don’t forget to come by the store to put your improved skills to the test in the real world though 😛
  • FaBDojo: This is a place I’ve discovered recently. They have the latest decklists seemingly before anyone else does, from competitive events around the world. If you need some inspiration or insight on how winning decklists are constructed, this can definitely be a place to check out. 

Future Teasers:

We have some exciting events happening in the coming months, such as the Pre-Release event for the next set, Outsiders, and soon thereafter a Skirmish event. More details about these will be revealed in an upcoming announcement. Additionaly, LSS has announced the release of History Pack 2 and History Blitz decks. This is an opportunity to snag some cards at a lower price, albeit in a different language, as this pack is currently only slated for release in non-English languages. Cardmarket will surely be flush with options for you to dig paruse. 

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