Uprising Skirmish and More!

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Uprising Skirmish and More!

We skipped a season of Skirmish, but with the new surge of players that have come through, this one promises to be the best Flesh and Blood event we have had yet! 

Skirmish events are local, high-level events that award additional XP on the FaB leaderboards, have special prize support and generally serve as a day to play and celebrate the game. For the Uprising season Skirmish, our store has been granted the opportunity to host a blitz Skirmish event; the perfect opportunity to give the sweet new cards from the latest set a run for their money. 

Gimme the deets:

As you may already be aware of, the store will be closed for the summer holidays, from the 1st until the 15th of August. That means that there will be no FaB on store premises during that period *sad emoji*. To kick things off again though, Saturday, the 20th of August starting 11:30am, we will be hosting the aforementioned Skirmish event. Mark it down on your calendars, take time off work, sell off your future and present first born and book a 4-5 hour spa session for your better half in order to come join in a fray of cardboard slinging action with a bunch of nerds!

The cost of entry to the event is €15 and tickets can be found here.

The format of the event, as we have mentioned, will be Blitz. This is still a casual rules enforcement level event, so no need to stress about needing to provide decklists or anything of the sort. You will need to tell the TO what hero you will be playing in the event though, as this is mandatory information required by LSS for Skirmish events.

The event will have a swiss format, as all of our FaB events have had so far. The event cannot fire with fewer than 8 players. If we have exactly 8 players, there will be 3 rounds of swiss. If we have between 9-16 players, there will be 4 rounds of swiss and a cut to top 4 or top 8 depending on actual attendance. If there are more than 16 players, that would be amazing (though unlikely), we will have 5 rounds with a cut to top 8 and some major additions to the prize support.

Speaking of prize support, what sweet goodness will be bestowed upon you during this momentous occasion? Here are the Skirmish-only promos that will be up for grabs as well as the additional prizes bestowed upon thy from your benevolent TO.

  • All players will receive a Cold Foil Silver token.
  • Top 8 participants will receive a random Fai or Dromai Cold Foil Young Hero.
  • First place receives their choice between a Phoenix Flame or Aether Ashwing playmat.
  • Second place receives the remaining playmat.
  • There is triple the booster pack prize support from our regular Armory events, guaranteeing everyone to get at least 1 booster regardless of finish. Booster packs will be given from all available boxes at the store, priority for choice given to higher finish players.
  • 1 Random Rainbow foil promo to all participants not finishing in the top 8.
  • 1 Random playmat to a random player not finishing in the top 2 positions.

Get your decks ready, get your practice on and we will see you for the Skirmish!!!

August Armory Events:

As you may have seen already in our events page, August will only have two armory events. One being blitz, the other being Uprising draft. That means that we can only give out promos in two events. Fret not for the remaining promos will be utilized during later events. Here is the Fai promo kit in all its glory.

Get your Briar:

From now on until supplies last, any player who has not received one, will be given a double sided young/adult Briar token, which includes the errata’s text for the hero. All you have to do is come to the store and participate in an event to be given the fixed version of the elemental runeblade hero.

That wraps up all of our FaB news for the month of August. We want to wish you all the bestest, most relaxing holidays and hope to see you all renewed and refreshed for more Flesh and Blood soon!