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The Gatekeeper fallen, but not defeated, urges for mercy as you too have come to stake your claim as the champion of these lands. You scoff at his puny remarks, and set your choice of weapon upon the playmat-clad tabletop. You will emerge victorious; You will defeat all those who oppose you; You will become the next Magic the Gathering National Champion!

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Store Recorded Matches are a new feature we’re introducing to certain events held at our store. If you see an event description with a “Recorded Match” label, or the following seal on the event image, then that means that you have a chance to have your match recorded, commentated and posted on our social media pages. If the event we are referring to does not otherwise clarify which match will be recorded, then only the final match between the highest position players will be recorded. During higher level events, such as Game Day or Nationals, more matches might be recorded....

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The store has re-opened its gates to our dear patrons for in-store events for some time now, and it is time to unveil some new and exciting changes and additions to the way you’ll be experiencing Magic at our store.

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