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The Gatekeeper fallen, but not defeated, urges for mercy as you too have come to stake your claim as the champion of these lands. You scoff at his puny remarks, and set your choice of weapon upon the playmat-clad tabletop. You will emerge victorious; You will defeat all those who oppose you; You will become the next Magic the Gathering National Champion!

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Time to take a closer look at the mechanics, keywords and other unique aspects to Midnight Hunt, so you can be as ready as possible to assess each card during pre-release and draft. Day & Night, Daybound, Nightbound: These are all technically mechanics that used to exist in the previous iterations of Innistrad, but this time the mechanic has been given a name and some keywords, along with a relatively cleaner way to go about things. I am of course referring to the ‘werewolf’ mechanic where casting no spells during a turn would cause werewolf creatures to transform into the...

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Well... not actually midnight because events are starting at our regular times, but, it's Innistrad so it sounded cooler to say...The howls of wolves echo in the distance, while the crisp midnight air fills your lungs in between rapid breaths while you rush back home under the full moon… Unworldly transformations, vampires, werewolves, townsfolk and zombies are back in town, as we revisit one of MtG’s most iconic planes, Innistrad. Come join us for a fun-filled Pre-Release event, held on the 24th and 25th of September.  General Details: Entry Fee:  €28  Format: Sealed, best of 3, using the sets’ special...

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