The Hunt Starts at Midnight!

The Hunt Starts at Midnight!

Well... not actually midnight because events are starting at our regular times, but, it's Innistrad so it sounded cooler to say...

The howls of wolves echo in the distance, while the crisp midnight air fills your lungs in between rapid breaths while you rush back home under the full moon…

Unworldly transformations, vampires, werewolves, townsfolk and zombies are back in town, as we revisit one of MtG’s most iconic planes, Innistrad. Come join us for a fun-filled Pre-Release event, held on the 24th and 25th of September. 

General Details:

  • Entry Fee:  28 
  • Format: Sealed, best of 3, using the sets’ special Pre-Release kits.
  • Rounds:
    • 3 if there are 8 or fewer players
    • 4 if there are 9 or more players
  • Prizes: We’re changing the prize support for pre-release and release weekends to be using Set Boosters from the latest set. You’re gaining the same number of boosters as before, but this time, they’re set boosters instead!
    • 1 free entry voucher for a regular constructed event, given to a random player. Note that if you have won such a voucher before, you are not eligible to win another this season.
    • 1 Sanctum Prelate Promo given to 1st place
    • 1 Fabled Passage Promo given to 2nd place
    • 1 Champion of the Perished Promo given to 3rd place
  • Pre-Release Kits:
    • These are only available during pre-release weekend to the players who will register to participate at a Pre-Release event. After the Pre-Release weekend, any leftovers will be available for purchase.
    • Each kit contains 6 draft booster packs from the set being released, one random foil date stamped promo card from the set and a d20. Additionally, these packs contain 3 DFC Helper cards, one Day/Night Tracker, and one MTG Arena code card.
  • You can find the event on Facebook here.
  • You can register to participate here. Remember, there is a 16 person limit per event, so pre-register to ensure your place in any of these events. 

Please note our special pre-release/release bundle on the ticket page, where you can purchase your entry to all 4 events for a reduced price and added loot! For only 80 you can register to all 4 events and receive the following additional prizes:

  • 2 Forgotten Realms Draft Boosters
  • 1 Midnight Hunt Set Booster
  • 2 Fabled Passage Promos

In the next article we’ll be discussing this set’s main mechanics and keywords, so stay tuned!

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