Get Ready for Outsiders!

Get Ready for Outsiders!

Just when we thought the day was over, LSS drops a massive heap of news regarding the next set release, Outsiders! There’s a lot to dig into so let’s get right into it.


As we are all well aware of, this set is draftable. What will be a brand new experience though is that we’ll have multiple heroes from each class to choose from! It has now been confirmed that this set will contain 3 classes, each of them being represented by 2 heroes, bringing us the first set with 6 draftable heroes/archetypes.

Firstly, we’re seeing the reprint of Katsu, the Wanderer, who got a nice boost from “Dynasty” cards. This surely confirms the existence of combo cards in this set as well. Benji, the Piercing Wind is coming back, all the way from “Crucible of War”. We are not seeing an adult version of Benji though. The above heroes will surely be accompanied by the original signature weapon, Harmonized Kodachi x2, but this is merely speculation.

Secondly, another reprint. Azalea, Ace in the Hole is getting another printing. No new effects on her, but with a whole new set of ranger cards, and hints from James White himself, the original Ranger will surely get some much needed love.

Now we get to the meaty (or fishy?) news. We’re getting a brand new Ranger, who, get this, is all about traps! How that will work and what this means for how he’ll utilize the existing Ranger card pool is anyone’s guess, but for now, say hello to a face-not-even-his-mother-could-love, Riptide, Lurker of the Deep.

And we get to the juiciest news regarding new heroes, with the class first introduced in “Dynasty”, Assassin. Brand new class, with a lot of room to explore, that has as of yet not been able to put up much results. This set will surely aim to remedy that. We have already seen our first spoiler card from the class in the last article, confirming the existence of a new keyword, stealth. Perhaps this new, young only version of Arakni will make good use of it. Arakni, Solitary Confinement is here to… have the most metal name in all of Rathe. 

The plot thickens, with her curious past being brought back to memory, Uzuri, Switchblade is a brand new Assassin hero. The leader it seems from the trio of misfits we can see in the key art. What she’ll be all about, we’ll have to wait and see.

Hybrid Cards:

It’s only fitting that in a set that has so many diverse strategies, that the cards themselves remain flexible during draft picks. This opens up draft capabilities wide open, and gives us some incredible deck building options for constructed formats. The very first card previewed with this mechanic is Codex of Frailty. A card that can be utilized by both Assassins and Rangers. We also know that three of these Hybrid cards will have Marvel variants with some sick (pun intended) art, featuring the three diseases plaguing the pits. 


We’re hosting a Pre-Release event! Yup. March 18th. It’s here. Tickets coming soon. Show up. Play some sealed. No new info as of yet for anything else taking place for prerelease, but one thing is for sure. With 6 heroes to pick from and hybrid cards being a thing, you best come prepared to figure out your sealed pool, because I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot of analysis paralysis.

Release information:

We have some details regarding the contents of the set:

  • Coming out on March 24th
  • Preview season starts March 4th
  • 239 card set 
    • 1 Fabled
    • 5 Legendary
    • 31 Majestic
    • 51 Rares
    • 128 Commons
    • 20 Tokens
    • 3 Marvels
  • Contains cold foils
  • 6 Blitz Decks
    • 1 for each of the young heroes in the set
  • All products from this set will also be released in German, Italian, French and Spanish.

That about covers it. We’ll be bringing you all the latest information about “Outsiders”. In the meantime, remember to keep practicing, for the ProQuest season is upon us, and soon enough we’ll be hosting the first ever competitive FaB event in the country! Pre-book tickets here!  

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