ProQuest S3 comes to Cyprus!

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ProQuest S3 comes to Cyprus!

We have been playing Flesh & Blood in Cyprus for nearly a year and a half at this point, and we could not be happier with how our community has grown. Players have been steadily improving and attendance at FaB events is rivaling the rest of the stores’ offerings. LSS has been paying attention and has granted our humble store the chance to host our first ever competitive level event! 

ProQuest: Season 3

That’s right folks! We are having our very own ProQuest event, for the 3rd season of the FaB Pro Tour, on the 21st of January 2023. Mark your calendars and pre-book your tickets here. This is a big deal for all of us who have stood behind this game for all this time, and for all of those with competitive aspirations. The store has not seen an official competitive event for its TCG offerings since a couple years before the pandemic, and things felt like they would never recover. Flesh & Blood gaining as much traction as it did and us having the chance to send one of our own to compete with the best of them is a huge milestone! A big thank you to LSS for believing in our community and an even bigger thank you to all of our players who have made this possible.

What is a ProQuest event?

Well, to put it simply, those who want to prove themselves worthy of competing with the big boys at the Pro Tour, can compete in this Quest for Glory, in order to successfully earn an opportunity at the big leagues.

ProQuests are competitive events, where players will compete in a swiss format until the top 4/8 single elimination portion. The winner will earn a Pro Tour Invitation (or PTI for short); their ticket for Pro Tour 3 taking place later in 2023 in the US (more details to be announced). Please note that a victory at this event qualifies you only for PT3, is not redeemable at future PTs, and cannot be sold/transferred to other players.  

This is an incredible opportunity to represent both yourself and our tiny part of the world on a much bigger stage. 

Event Details:

  • Date: 21st January 2023
  • Start Time: 11:30am
  • Entry Fee: €30
  • Format: Classic Constructed

The event will be held at a Competitive Rules Enforcement Level, Judge Gatekeeper presiding (wooo, first level 1 judge in Cyprus! Congrats on passing your exam!). Decklists for your deck will be mandatory for this event, as well as mentioning the specific hero you will be playing during registration. 

The event will have a number of rounds based on the below table (note that we cannot host the event with fewer than 8 players):


Swiss Rounds

Top Cut






Top 4



Top 8

*We have an event capacity of 24 players, so make sure to pre-book your tickets as soon as possible.

Prize Support:

The prize support for this event is unlike any we have held before. It is simply bonkers! Have a look below:




  • Sealed Random Gold Cold Foil
  • Pro Tour Invite (PTI) for Pro Tour 3
  • Genis Wotchuneed Playmat
  • Suraya Limited Edition Dragon Shield Sleeves
  • 1 Resource Point Metal Coin


  • Sealed Booster Box*
  • Suraya Limited Edition Dragon Shield Sleeves
  • 1 Random Cold Foil WtR Young Hero
  • 1 Resource Point Metal Coin


  • Booster Prizes based on attendance**
  • 1 Random Cold foil Armory promo
  • Suraya Limited Edition Dragon Shield Sleeves
  • 1 Resource Point Metal Coin


  • Booster Prizes based on attendance**
  • 2 Random Rainbow foil Armory promo
  • Suraya Limited Edition Dragon Shield Sleeves
  • 1 Resource Point Metal Coin

9th +

  • Booster Prizes based on attendance**
  • Random Rainbow foil Armory promo 
  • 1 Resource Point Metal Coin (while supplies last)

*Finalist sealed booster box can be chosen from any of the store's current stock.

**Booster prizes are based on attendance, with all players outside the finals being guaranteed at least 1 booster pack of their choice, regardless of final standings. Higher finish players receive more prizes. On average, for each player attending, 4 booster packs are added to the prize pool to be split accordingly among players outside the finals. Booster packs can be selected from any in the store's current stock. 

All top table matches played in single elimination will be recorded and uploaded for all to enjoy, similarly to all the rest of our gameplay videos here.

We hope to see you all there. Make sure to let everyone you know who might be interested in competitive card games, that we have this incredible opportunity. No other card game on the island currently offers such an opportunity, so if you have friends who have competitive aspirations, there is still plenty of time for them to learn to play and compete. is an incredible tool for learning the game and improving and as always, tutorials and welcome decks are available to everyone who asks for them in-store. 

We still have some time before the event takes place. We are making this announcement nice and early, so that as many people as possible can prepare for this momentous event. If you have any questions about any of our events or the game in general, don’t hesitate to send us a message and we’ll do our best to help out.