Yo-Ji, Σου Δα

Yo-Ji, Σου Δα

Oh I can hear the groans and boos from across the screen…

New blog post for FaB, which means it’s time to announce what’s new for this month. We’re nearing the end of the year and getting ever closer to the release of Dynasty. At the time of this article's release, we have wrapped up the October season and are firmly glued to our seats for the upcoming World Championship happening this Friday, the 4th of November 2022. It’s taking place in San Jose in the US, so make sure your watches are set, the snacks are ready and your notepads at hand. The cream of the crop will be on display at the first ever Flesh and Blood World Championship and we all have a lot to learn!

Armory Events:

With a new month, comes new promos for use during our Armory events. For the next four Armories, you can win a Cold Foil Yoji, Royal Protector; the latest guardian hero to join the roster, and the first young hero in the game to have a whopping 22 health! 7th to 2nd position will have their picking between 2 of each pitch value extended art rainbow foil Blessing of Aether. At the end of the month, the player with the most points earned during this season will receive an Imperial Edict playmat.

But wait, there’s more! As you may have noticed in our handy events page, there is a bit of a mix-up during the very first armory week of the month. Instead of hosting an Armory event as we usually do on Monday (read on for changes to our regular schedule), we will have it on Saturday, the 12th. The reason for this change is for the special Dynasty Weekend Armory. In celebration of the latest set, Dynasty, being released, we are hosting a special Armory event.

During this event, the same promos as described above will be handed out, but there will be a slightly higher participation fee and an increased prize pool, with some extra promos sprinkled in. Additionally, the winner of the event will have their choice between a sweet Dynasty playmat and an even sweeter alternate-art Regicide (which you can see in the next section). The finalist will receive the choice not made by the winner. Another random lucky participant will also receive a Regicide promo. This will also be our first in-store Blitz gameplay recording.

The store has secured a number of booster boxes in time for the set’s release, with more coming soon thereafter. For the special Dynasty Blitz Armory held on the 12th of November, if you arrive early enough at the store, you can pick up your Dynasty booster boxes (while supplies last) and crack packs open to update your deck before the matches begin. Additionally, our beloved Gatekeeper will be taking photos of the event to share on our social media for an opportunity to have our community win extra promotional items from Dynasty. You can participate in this effort as well by sharing pictures from the event with the hashtag #fabDynasty. All details for the Dynasty Armory Weekend can be found here.

So you may be wondering what will happen with the 7th of November. First of all, we are officially moving Flesh & Blood weekday events to Tuesdays, since they are better suited for greater attendance. That means that the first regularly scheduled event of this month will take place on the 8th of November. On that day we are hosting an Uprising Draft on-demand (x1 XP modifier) event which will hand out promotional material from last month’s Iyslander kit. This is not going to be classified as an Armory event. Uprising is quickly becoming our community’s most drafted set, and as we continue to grow, we hope that future sets will provide more incredible drafting environments for us to sink our teeth into.

Dynasty is almost here and the Emperor is Dead!:

So Dynasty is coming out in a few more days! We are beyond excited, as this set is bound to shake things up massively. In combination with all the info and LL points given out during the World Championship and accompanying events, the meta will surely be turned upside down and inside out! Briar could be rotating out of CC, Oldhim could be rotating out of Blitz, there’s a B&R announcement scheduled for the week after Worlds, and to top it all off, Dynasty drops just a couple days after that, introducing a bunch of new tools for all classes, but also a brand new class all-together; Assassins are here to pslay. It’s madness!


As our final note for this month’s announcement, you can find our first FaB gameplay recording from this weeks’ CC Armory final, between Alexandros Modestou and Nicolas Lazarides both of which have gladly provided their decklists. An epic battle between Iyslander and Dash that we’re sure will give you some insights into how these heroes operate, perhaps preparing you for any future encounters against them.


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