Flesh & Blood News Galore!

Flesh & Blood News Galore!

Flesh & Blood has shown it’s a force to be reckoned with, both from a gameplay standpoint, but also from its strong community. The game is thriving and we want to take it to the next level for the Cypriot community. Today’s announcement will cover the month’s events in regards to F&B, but also some important upcoming products and milestones.


This month we are showcasing our love for Illusionists (and our often misunderstood Rangers) using the following prize support material during each of our Monday Armory events: 

  • 1 Cold Foil Haze Bending
  • 1 Cold Foil Passing Mirage
  • 1 Cold Foil Pierce Reality 
  • 6 Rainbow Foil Extended Art Release the Tension (2 of each pitch value)

All of these prizes will be added to the regular prize pool of booster packs, and players will be able to pick between all the listed promos, one by one, priority given to the highest seeded player. At the end of the month, one Shimmer of Silver playmat will be given to the highest ranked player for the period of events.

New Players Welcomed:

In addition to our regular Monday Armory events, this month we will also be hosting a special Learn to Play event. This is an event that’s completely free of charge and we encourage new players to come and learn how to play. Pick the hero that suits you best and learn how to do battle on the fields of Rathe. Promos will be given to all who come to play, and one lucky new player will receive a sweet ‘Blossoming Spellblade’ playmat to take home! Our experienced players and beloved Gatekeeper will be there to teach you everything you need to know to get started and solve any and all of your burning questions. 

If you can’t make it for this event, but still wish to learn how to play Flesh & Blood, just message us about it and we will find the first available day for you to come in and be given the full treatment. Beginning the 14th of May, the store will play host to every young hero in the game, with a handy chart to help you pick the hero that suits you, and fight the gatekeeper. A deck for the recently officiated format, 'Commoner' will be provided for you, and any new player that bests the gatekeeper will receive a special promo card.

History Pack 1:

Because Legend Story Studios listens to players and their need for reprints, History Pack 1 comes out internationally on the 6th of May. In these packs you will find beloved cards from the game's first three sets 'Welcome to Rathe', 'Arcane Rising' and 'Crucible of War', making accessibility to the cards you need for the decks you want to play that much easier. The set doesn't contain foil cards, and all cards found within will be white bordered. Keep an eye out for these packs at the store, available for just 4eu each.

Classic Battles: Rhinar Vs Dorinthea:

Do you and a friend want to jump into the game together, and duke it out with one another in perpetuity? Then boy do we have just the thing for you. Classic Battles is a brand new line of producst for Flesh & Blood aimed at players who want to get into the game with some new twists on existing heroes, bringing their rivalry to the forefront. Releasing May 27th, Classic Battles: Rhinar Vs Dorinthea lets you and a friend wage war using the game's original Brute and Warrior heroes, which boast some exclusive cards only available through this product, as well as some hard-to-get cold foil equipment.



And just to sneak this one in ever so carefully… we’re hosting an Uprising Pre-Release babyyyyy! More details will follow soon.     

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