Uprising is Upon Us - Dromai

Uprising is Upon Us - Dromai

Uprising is upon us! Although with some delay, we are now ready to delve right into the latest Flesh and Blood set, featuring three heroes which all bring their own unique twists on existing heroes, along with a brand new talent keyword; Draconic.

Today we’re taking a look at one of the three heroes.


Finally we see our second Illusionist of the game. This one may not have a bunch of angels and auras to both protect herself and grind down your opponent, but she does boast some powerful Dragon allies, that may or may not be a figment of your opponent’s imagination!

First of all, Dromai herself has 4 Intellect and her young version has 20 health, as is the usual for most heroes. Every time you pitch a red card (meaning a card with a red strip on the top, or a pitch value of one), you create an Ash token. Ash tokens themselves don’t do anything, but can be transformed into powerful allies by other cards. Furthermore, if you have played a red card this turn, your dragons have go again while attacking this turn. Her token weapon, available for all limited games, is Storm of Sandikai. As you’ll soon see, her dragon allies don’t have an Attack action. This is because her weapon is what allows Dromai to command her Dragons into battle.  

Some common ways Dromai can transform the Ash tokens around her into useful allies is with cards like Rake the Embers, which not only create Ash, but also transform it into an Aether Ashwing. Transform is a new keyword in Flesh & Blood. In the case of Dromai, when you transform an Ash token, you place it underneath the ally just created, and via its Material keyword, gives the new card the Phantasm keyword which was first introduced in Monarch. 

Here is an example of a more powerful transform ability. Invoke Vynserakai allows you to transform an Ash you control to Vynserakai, which is a farm more dangerous ally than your run of the mill Aether Ashwings. As we’ve noted with Dromai’s weapon, her allies cannot attack by themselves. Allies can be chosen as the target of an attack from an opposing hero but cannot be defended as you could defend yourself normally, using the defense value on cards etc. If an ally is dealt damage equal to or greater than its health value, it is destroyed and placed in your discard pile. The Ash token underneath it is removed from the game. If an ally is not dealt enough damage to destroy it, it is returned to full health at the end of the current turn.

You can view the entire card gallery for Uprising here for more of Dromai’s unique cards and synergies. Tomorrow we’re taking a look at a familiar face with Iyslander’s complete release after the teaser we’ve received in Everfest. 

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