Trapped Out

Trapped Out

New month, new stuff. Spring rolls around, but this year you need to be careful not to… spring any traps while navigating the treacherous alleys of the Pits. Join us as we take a closer look at all the exciting Flesh & Blood News we have for March!

Armory Events:

As always, a new month means new cool promos to give out. With Outsiders also releasing during the month, we’re getting a sneak peak at the things to come. Winners in our Armory event for the month will receive a brand new bow, Barbed Castaway. Players in the 2nd to 7th position receive their choice of disease-ridden attack reactions. Two of each from the following three options (but not their tokens):

  • Spike with Frailty
    • Frailty Token: Your attack action cards played from arsenal and weapon attacks have -1ATK. At the beginning of your end phase, destroy Frailty.
  • Spike with Bloodrot
    • Bloodrot Pox Token: At the beginning of your end phase, destroy Bloodrot Pox, then it deals 2 damage to you unless you pay 3.
  • Spike with Inertia
    • Inertia Token: At the beginning of your end phase, destroy Inertia, then put all cards from your hand and arsenal on the bottom of your deck.

Additionally, the player with the most XP gained during the month will receive one Uzuri, Switchblade playmat.

Finally, while supplies last, at each Armory event you participate this month, each player receives 1 errata’d version of one of the Crucible of War traps.

*Please note that armory promos for this month will become available closer to the 18th of the month and will not be avilable for the first 2 Armory events of the month.

Outsiders Pre-Release:

Prerelease is coming once more! The last one we had was all the way back in Uprising, and the format for Outsiders looks so, so much better. We’re excited to dive into the full details of the limited format of the latest set, so stay tuned for a more in-depth look once we have more information.

Date: 18/03/2023

Time: 11:20am

Format: Outsiders Sealed Deck

Entry: €30

Prize Support: 

  • Double regular booster pack Prize Support. Promos. 
  • Winner receives an Uzuri Cold Foil and a Pitts Playmat. Two other random participants will receive one of these as well.
  • All participants will receive one double sided Cold Foil Blood Rot / Frailty token as well as one double sided Cold Foil Inertia / Ponder token.
  • The first player wins two rounds using different heroes during this event, they will receive an Uzuri Switchblade playmat. If no player does this during the event, the playmat will be given to one random participant.
  • One random player will also be awarded with a choice for any of the playmats from the store's collection!

Outsiders Release:

Outsiders officially releases on the 24th of March. You can get your hands on sweet new cardboard by preordering. Booster packs, booster boxes and brand new Blitz Decks available!

Talking of Blitz, you best get your practice on, because Skirmish Season 6 is just around the corner, and there are some incredibly sweet promos up for grabs. More information for this in next month's announcement.

Trap Erratas:

As briefly mentioned previously, the three original trap cards from Crucible of War have been errata’d. Before this change, the ‘Trap’ classification meant that cards with it could only be played from arsenal. This is no longer the case. Traps can be played from anywhere, as long as they adhere to any restrictions printed on the card itself. The original three traps have received “can only be played from arsenal” as inherent text on the card, rather than reminder text. This means that the original traps work functionally exactly the same as before, but new traps may not have this restriction, such as the insanely powerful Riptide Specialization, Collapsing Trap. 

The store has received 12 copies of each of the original three traps, (Tripwire Trap, Pitfall Trap, Rockslide Trap), which include the new text, which will be distributed as mentioned in a previous section.

Organized Play News:

We have also received some information regarding Organized Play events for the near future, so let’s take a closer look.

There are 2 Calling events in Europe taking place in the near future. The first is mid-May in Antwerp, Belgium with CC being the headline format. The second Calling announced for Europe takes place in Birmingham in the UK at the end of July. This one is also CC. A few of us are planning on attending the latter, so if this is something you’re interested in, do let us know.

Four Battle Hardened events have also been announced. One in Germany at the beginning of June, and three more in the US (Richmond, Pittsburg, Salt Lake City) All but the last one are also CC. Lots of LL points to be gained during the next few months, so pay close attention to the results of these events for any major shakeups.

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