The New Obsession

The New Obsession

As you may or may not be aware, the store and some of its most frequent patrons have recently plunged right into a new card game, and the response by all has been quite positive. 

I’m talking about none other than Flesh and Blood! A game that came out a couple of years ago from far away down under, which has quite literally taken the world over by storm, quickly spreading all over the APAC region before taking over the Americas and soon thereafter Europe.

Why should you care? 

I could bore you with long winded arguments about all the reasons I feel like this is a great game that everyone should try out, but instead, I’ll try and keep it short and sweet, in the form of some bullet points:

  • Legend Story Studios, the company behind the game, is composed by a dedicated team of players-turned-developers, meaning they have been in the shoes of players for a long time, therefore know what players want.
  • Multiple price points of entry. Decks can range from very cheap to very expensive, but all are a valid starting point.
  • The game is new. Everyone at the moment is learning this game in real time. There are no solved metas, or endless resources for someone to find what’s ‘best’. Playing and figuring out the game on your own/with friends is how to get better.
  • Clear competitive plans. LSS has taken the scrapped system from MtG (you know, the one that actually worked) and introduced it into their game. 
    • Low Level Casual events (Armory, Skirmish, Pre Release)
    • Mid Tier Events (Road to Nationals, The Calling, Pro Tour Qualifiers)
    • High Level Events (Pro Tour, Nationals, World Championship)
  • Living Legend Status. Non-rotating format, with few releases per year, where each hero’s track record is recorded, and after performing well for a specific number of points thorough mid/high level events rotates out of the format. That’s only the hero themselves; 1 card (plus a couple specializations). Therefore not much fear of your deck being banned.
  • Draft, Sealed, Multiplayer, and two Constructed variants.
  • A focus on the paper side of gaming. LSS has stated multiple times that they have no plans of creating a digital version of the game, instead encouraging people who want to play online to use webcam tools and still use the physical cards. 
  • Amazing local game store support. There are tons of prizes LSS is handing out to stores to support their events. Cool, useful and sometimes expensive promos, plus playmats. Yes, that’s right! Multiple playmats per kit.
  • The game is actually GOOD! I mean, if it wasn't, none of the above would matter.

So where do we stand?

So you now know a little bit about the game. You can find out a lot more by searching up the game in all the avenues you can think of; YouTube, discord, podcast etc. You can find a lot of content out there about Flesh & Blood. Even pros from MtG have been making a transition over to it!
As a store we really want to support this game. That though cannot happen without you, the community. You can come by the store and pick up an Ira Welcome deck completely for free, and learn how to play the game by our beloved gatekeeper at any point during the week.

If you enjoy it, perhaps a Blitz deck, which is a great place to start your F&B journey. Perhaps jam some games with any of the other players who have recently taken the game up. Then you can join us for our very first Flesh and Blood Event, that’s taking place very soon, on the 17th of September.

Our First Flesh and Blood Event:

  • When: Friday, 17th of September 2021, 18:20
  • Format: Monarch Draft (you can learn more about drafting in F&B here, and more about Monarch Draft strategies here)
  • Entry: €15
  • Limited Seats: We have a strict participation count to 8 players. This is due to the very limited amount of product to support this event. Please book online or contact the gatekeeper about reserving you a slot as soon as you can. CLICK HERE to register for the event. You will need to login with a GEM account. Click here to create one if you don't have one already. Use event code "didactic-hyena" to check if you have been added to the event. 
  • Prizes: Here comes the good stuff.
    • 1 F&B Booster in the prize pool for each player. You can pick from any of the F&B booster packs available at the store during the event. Priority given to higher seeded players.  
    • 1 Cold Foil Ravenous Meataxe to First Place.
    • An equal number of Pitch value versions of Rainbow Foil Pulping promos for all participants. Note that higher seeded players have priority in picking which promo they would like. A maximum of 9 promos will be given in total. First place already gets a sweet promo, so no Pulping for them. 😛 
    • One player will be receiving an exclusive Levia-themed playmat after this event. Details about how you can go about receiving Flesh and Blood playmats can be found in an upcoming announcement.
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