The Day of Games

The Day of Games

We promised you information about the resurrection of Game Day, and today is the day you finally get to know all that’s in store for you during Game Day events from here on, as well as the official announcement of the first Game Day held in our premises for well over 2 years.

Mark your calendars (or check ours) for the 21st of August, at 11:30am and get yourselves ready!

As you may know, the store will be closed for the summer holidays from the 1st of August until the 14th, so that the Gatekeeper may get some well-deserved rest and relaxation (or so he claims).

We will be holding a regular, Modern FNM on the 20th of August, but to really kick off the return of the Gatekeeper to his daily post, we’re having the day of days (that’s Game Day) on that Saturday, the 21st.

Permanent Effects:

So what can you expect from Game Day? Here are some rapid fire points that will be true regardless of which Game Day we’re talking about.

  • Entry Fee:  15 
  • Format: Standard, best of 3 (although the Game Day on the 21st of August will be Modern, best of 3) 
  • Rounds:
    • 3 if there are 8 or fewer players
    • 4 if there are between 9 and 16 players
    • 5 with a cut to top4 for greater numbers
  • Prizes: Each player adds a little more than 4 boosters in the prize pool, plus whatever goodness the benevolent organisers decide to bestow upon you.
    • This means that for a small 8 player event, the prize pool will contain nearly an entire booster box worth of prizes!!!
    • All positions receive prizes, but the better you do, the more prizes you’ll earn.
  • Double points towards your league score. The perfect opportunity to earn a big surge of points in a single event!
  • The final match will be recorded, commentated and posted on our social media pages and website. (More information about store recorded matches will be shared with you soon).

Get Ready:

The above is the general structure for all Game Day events we will hold moving forward. Having said that, here are some additional details about the Game Day happening on the 21st of August:

  • Format will be Modern (best of 3), though note that future Game Days will be Standard (best of 3)
  • There will be some special prizes for this particular event. Part of the prize pool will be:
    • 1 Zendikar Gift Box
      • Added to the prize pool if we have 16 or more players!
      • For the Game Day Champion (1st place)
    • 1 Spellbook Chandra
      • Added to the prize pool if we have 12 or more players!
      • For the runner up (2nd place)
    • 5 Forgotten Realms Set Boosters
      • If we have 16 or more players, these will become Modern Horizons 2 Set Boosters!!!
      • 1 for each player from 3rd to 7th place (from first place if the above prizes aren't added due to player count)
    • 3 Foil Promo Inkmoth Nexus
      • If we have 16 or more players, 2 additional Foil Promo Inkmoth Nexus will be added to the Prize Pool!!!
      • 1 to each player from 1st place
    • 1 Foil Strixhaven Promo Pack
      • For the Game Day Champion (1st place)
    • 2 Non-Foil Strixhaven Promo Packs (per 6 players)
      • 1 to each player starting from 2nd place
    • The rest of the prize pool will consist of Draft Boosters from, Zendikar Rising, Kaldheim, Strixhaven and Forgotten Realms
      • Guaranteed at least 2 booster packs given to each player regardless of position.


You’re now ready to become Game Day Champion for the Forgotten Realms season! Get those modern decks ready, and if you’re missing a few cards, ask around our Facebook group and we’re sure someone will be able to assist. See you soon challengers!

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