Tales from the Nemesis: Part 3

Tales from the Nemesis: Part 3

Motor functions are slow to come back, causing you to fall flat on your face coming out of the hibernation pod. If the fog clouding your mind wasn’t there, the fall would have hurt a hell of a lot more than it did. It takes a few seconds to realize you’ve not landed on the cold metallic floor of the room, but on an amorphous blob of organic matter. You groan in pain, your eyes adjusting to the dimly lit environment. A screech is heard echoing somewhere in the ship, and the disgusting mass on the floor starts to bubble and move. Is that… a human ear sticking out of it, and… is that a mouth? You frantically move your legs in an attempt to get away from whatever that thing is when suddenly you hear the alarm start blaring. Blood gurgling noises escape the thing on the floor. “Perfection comes” it exhales before lunging at you. In space, no one can hear you scream…

If the above sound a bit too scary for your tastes, you can join any of the board games we have available or even bring your own. Everyone is welcome to come join the fun, learn some new games and enjoy themselves through the common language of playing great games. We'll see you there. Now if the above text has piqued your interest, read on.

We may have taken a break from the confines of our trusty space rust-bucket, but still, there is no time for rest aboard the Nemesis. On the 21tst of October, your hibernation pod will open up, bringing you face to face with your own biological limitations, mortality and …imperfections, as the Carnomporphs will tear you from limb to limb, only to put you back together in a more aesthetically… displeasing way. Earth seems a lot further away to an imperfect being such as yourself, but perhaps if you embrace these horrors just enough, you will be able to survive long enough to make it home.

Nemesis is a semi-cooperative game for up to 5 players, in which everyone takes the role of one of the crewmembers of the namesake vessel, in an attempt to fulfill whatever objective they were hired to achieve, or to pursue their own personal ambitions, in the madness inducing claustrophobic rooms and corridors inside the lost spacecraft. 

We advise anyone who wishes to join us to have at least watched a rules overview of both the main game as well as the specifics of how Carnomorphs work, so that we can start as soon as the event begins, as this is a long game and we don’t want to be putting our bodies on the line for too long.

Please make sure you are familiar with the rules for Nemesis, as well as the Carnomorph expansion as we will not be teaching the game on the day. You can see the tutorial videos below.

This is the third Nemesis mission we will partake in, and having faced the Void Seeders, this time the Nemesis is being terrorized by mutated masses of machine and flesh. We will have available the entire crew from the original (Soldier, Pilot, Captain, Scout, Scientist, Mechanic), as well as the “Aftermath” characters (Convict, Android, CEO, Bounty Hunter, Psychologist, Medic). Please note that we will not be using the “Cooperative”, “Aftermath”, “Epilogue”, “Intruder Action Cards” or “Research” gameplay variants for this playthrough. 

In future sessions we will be entering the confines of the Lockdown station and the Night Stalkers.

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