Tales from the Nemesis: Part 2

Tales from the Nemesis: Part 2

It takes a while for you to get a feeling on your feet and hands. Hibernation takes its toll on anyone after all. As your mind does its best to start processing information properly, your pods’ cover opens slowly and you stumble out of it, holding onto the frame for some much needed stability. Your sense of smell suddenly kicks in, as you whiff up the unmistakable scent of lingering dust and the horrifying, metallic taste of blood. Your eyes adjust quickly then, only to come across a, now former, crew member, whose body was decorating the metallic panels all around the hibernation room, what was left of their face bent in horror. One by one, the rest of the pods open up, and the remaining members of your team come face to face with their own uncertain fate. You wonder what will break first, their resolve, or your sanity. In space, no one can hear you scream…

Please join us for this month’s foray back into the Nemesis, as we take on a new threat, the Void Seeders. On the 20th of May, your hibernation pod will open up, and your sanity will be tested, once we come face to face with these amorphous beings that exist in reality only as much as they exist in our minds. We’ll need to make it back home, but at the cost of our crewmembers and our sanity. Are you prepared?

Nemesis is a semi-cooperative game for up to 5 players, in which everyone takes the role of one of the crewmembers of the namesake vessel, in an attempt to fulfill whatever objective they were hired to achieve, or to pursue their own personal ambitions, in the madness inducing claustrophobic rooms and corridors inside the lost spacecraft. 

We advise anyone who wishes to join us to have at least watched a rules overview of both the main game as well as the specifics of how Void Seereds work, so that we can start as soon as the event begins, as this is a long game and we don’t want to be going insane for too long.

This is the second Nemesis mission we will partake in, and having faced the Intruders last month, this time the Nemesis is being haunted by otherworldly beings invading our very thoughts. We will have available the entire crew from the original (Soldier, Pilot, Captain, Scout, Scientist, Mechanic), as well as the “Aftermath” characters (Convict, Android, CEO, Bounty Hunter, Psychologist, Medic). Please note that we will not be using the “Cooperative”, “Aftermath”, “Epilogue”, “Intruder Action Cards” or “Research” gameplay variants for this playthrough. 

Please make sure to pre-book a ticket to reserve your spot in the playthrough. We will be hosting multiple simultaneous sessions, but make sure to reserve your spot. If you wish to play any other game from the stores library or bring your own, please do! We have plenty of space for everyone, no matter what game suits your fancy. In future sessions we will be taking on the Carnomorphs, before getting inside the confines of the Lockdown station and all the horrors which lie within. 

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